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Beard and head shaving in Oldboy Barbershop

Beard and head shaving

Oldboy shaving is a real ceremony according to our ancestral traditions

This process is not fast, but can't be imagine without proper deliberateness and accuracy. These features make it a real relaxing pleasure for real connoisseurs. This classic shaving is carried out with two tools and includes two steps: a shaving machine or a straight razor; the first shaving along the hair growth and then, the second one, against the hair growth. This technique provides the smoothest skin.

Our barbers are highly skilled in the art of shaving, recruitment and staff selection is very strict, each barber has been trained by a top barber with a certificate of «American Crew», brand manager of the Oldboy Barbershop. And only after that, the top specialists of our branches work on pumping the skills of their employees. Professionals of Oldboy keep the tradition of classic shaving with deliberate choice of tools and cosmetics for each procedure.

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